Current Addiction Statistics for Orange County California

Current Addiction Statistics for Orange County California

There was a study conducted in Orange County, California to verify the addiction statistics to monitor and extend assistance for those individuals who are currently addicted due to several factors. Based on the statistics result, the data shows that addiction has increased up to 51% between year 2000 and 2012. In just a short span of time, this sudden increased makes us think that drugs and alcohol have a tremendous influence among all individuals.

Worst thing happening right now, addiction is also blamed to be one of the reasons causing many deaths as well in Orange County. More than one-third or estimated as 35% are counted to cases of overdose deaths because of using multiple types of drugs and taking alcohol at the same time. An investigation appears that commonly used substances for drug intake are those that are prescribed medicines like pain medication. Some deaths were accidental, 8 out of 10 addiction deaths were due to overdose. This report is really frightening which makes us think, is this place still safe to live in especially if you are raising kids?

Though a large volume of addiction has been presented, it still said that there are some cities in Orange County that are in the coastal regions that have higher volume rates of death and hospitalization due to drug and alcohol intake. This is compared to other cities surrounding them. As a matter of fact, due to drug and alcohol overdose, more than 5,000 people in the Orange County have been hospitalized. In addition to that, about 600 residents die every year and that is indeed quite alarming. Among these overdose deaths, one third of it was caused by using multiple drugs and alcohol at the same time. On the other hand, about 8 out of 10 deaths were accidental and about half of the unintentional death was due to the overdose of prescription medications.

The number of people who are in need of addiction treatment due to heroin abuse has also increased in the Orange County. In fact, according to the data from the Coroner’s office, there has been an increase of about 400 people in fatal overdoses in 2015. About 286 of these people who have died because of their addiction used OxyContin, Vicodin, Percocet, and Heroin. Also, it is said that it does not only affect the people in Orange County for it also affects people in the Unites States as well.

The more popular these drugs have become, the more people have died due to drug poisoning. As a matter of fact, it is said that 4,500 California residents died back in 2014 because of it. Such statistic shows that it has increased about 50% from 2002. Apart from that, there has also been a 30% increase in age adjusted drug overdose death rate. It is also said that more Californians die from drug poisoning than car accidents and more Californians die because of drug overdose as compared to those who have died because of murder. This only goes to show that there is a need to increase the number of Orange County Rehabilitation Centers but of course, having more of it does not guarantee that the number of drug addicts, as well as deaths and hospitalizations that are related to it, would decrease if people are not willing to change themselves and undergo the addiction recovery process.

Just like what was mentioned before, prescription drugs are the ones that are commonly abused in  Orange County. It is said that 1 person dies every other day there. When you think of it, these drugs are prescribed to make people feel better and to reduce the discomfort and pain that they are feeling and not to be a source of addiction. Nevertheless, there is not enough safeguards in Orange County to ensure that just the right amount of it is being circulated. Taking them is not an issue at all, especially if it has been prescribed. It only becomes a problem once it is misused or overused.

How Broadway Treatment Center can provide treatment for and ease fears of these addicted individuals

Drug addiction maybe threatening for some who do not know how to fight it, but a hope to conquer it can be fulfilled by Broadway Treatment Center. That is why they have certain programs that can be utilized to help these people cope up with this type of crisis in their life.

Alcohol and drugs are both toxic. They do have detoxification program to cleanse or remove the unwanted and harmful chemicals in their body which came from alcohol and drugs. This program closely monitors the withdrawal symptoms until they finally finish the detoxification stage. There are some patients who suffer from too much pain during this stage but they have experts who are well-trained to assist and train them with a pain management technique.

By utilizing state-of-the-art technologies and valuable techniques, they have come to develop a world-renowned Substance Abuse Treatment Program. They have a peaceful and stress-free environment in accordance to one of the basic needs of an addict, which is relaxation. In this center patients are well-respected and know there is nothing to be afraid of.

They want these addicted individuals to join fun activities which they conduct to make living in the center more fun rather than thinking that it is purely a treatment process. Broadway aims for a spiritual well-being to be attained by their patients, that is why they included the Christian Track on the program components. Aside from healthy mindset and emotional feeling, they also need to feed the spiritual well-being of these persons.

Broadway Treatment Center offers intervention services as well. This will serve as an invitation for them to seek help from an Intervention Expert who will assist them. These experts will give them strategic one on one confrontations but still making sure that it is going to be done in a non-aggressive way to avoid any emotional aggravation to the patient. Another program conducted is Unique Addiction Therapy. Everyone who attends Broadway will be treated based on their strengths and weakness. The therapy that they are going to provide will be performed in best care to achieve their goal for long-terms success.

Since addicts are also suffering from mental illness, they produce a certain kind of program which is the Jail Diversion Program. The goal for this is to make patients feel that they should be treated rather than being jailed. Instead of wasting their time in jail, they addiction will be treated because the center determines that some addicts who are being jailed tend to relapse. The stressful environment in jail and other people who are imprisoned there too are suffering the same problem. Addiction greatly disturbs the quality of life. It can prevent an individual from being employed, continuing their education, and effects family relationships. These factors may also be one of the reasons why an individual became addicted. They will be educated on how to be a better person and make their lives useful in different ways.

Broadway’s programs will help them enhance their skills and will give them a chance to prove their worth. But to attain this they will be provided a life-skills training program which is an opportunity to learn and grow. Once they graduated from the education assistance provided to them they will be assisted this time for employment opportunities using those new found skills and education. Their program also teaches these individuals to do chores like simple cooking and budgeting. In this way, they still have some activities to do and spend time in a more productive way.

Sober coaching is also one of the services that Broadway will give each patient, which is an encouragement for them to continue life’s journey though there may be some obstacles that hinders them from recovering. Once the patient has completed all the necessary stages for drug recovery, Broadway makes sure to it that the goal they implemented is for a long-term recovery of a patient. Broadway is a one of a kind treatment center and always finds means to make everything happen when it comes to continuous recovery. Their encouragement and support to humanity is an inspiration to make us feel responsible with our lives as well as other’s lives.

Couples Rehabs aims to provide people with long term Orange County Rehabilitation. After all, drug addiction is not a joke nor is it something that can be stopped overnight. It would also depend on the willingness of the patient to change their habit and their dependency on alcohol and drugs as well. Nevertheless, below are few of the things that you can expect from Broadway.


Current Addiction Statistics for Orange County California Couple Rehabs


Solve underlying issues

Addiction would never be solved if the root cause of the problem remains unknown and untreated. Broadway’s addiction treatment center, takes an ample time discovering and resolving the issues that have led to their patients to becoming an addict. The patient also undergoes the detoxification process and then afterwards, the actual residential treatment would be started. They also give an ample amount of time for the patient to be able to adjust to the environment in the center and to life without drugs and alcohol.

Break the cycle of dependence

At the Orange County Rehabilitation center, the patients can focus on their addiction recovery process for the center is completely free from any distraction. With great focus, there is also no doubt that they would be able to break the cycle of dependence on drugs and alcohol. Of course, doing such thing would never be easy but it is not an impossible thing at all, especially with the help of the treatment center. Also, the cycle of dependence is not the only thing that the center can help their patients with for they can also help their patients identify and eliminate the destructive habit patterns that they have. In other words, they not only aim to help their patients sober up for they aim to help their patients completely recover from their addiction.

Learn things with the help of counselors

People who have decided to undergo addiction treatment often finds themselves feeling lost. They don’t know what to do or where to start to fight their addiction that has been ruining their life. However, Broadway treatment center has counselors who are willing to guide these people who have become addicted to drugs and alcohol in every step of the way; in order for them to be able to get past their addiction and have a better life ahead of them. Also, they not only teach their patients how to overcome addiction but they also teach them how they can prevent relapse and how to live their lives away from both drugs and alcohol. Not only that, they have an access to the tools for a faster recovery.

Support from their peers

While some people have decided to pursue addiction recovery by themselves, most of them have not been successful at it. Why? It’s because it is something that you cannot fight alone. As a matter of fact, support plays an important role in the recovery of an addict. Of course, friends and family are there to provide support but one of the best support systems that an addict can get is support from a peer who has undergone the same experience as them. At Broadway Treatment Center, the patients can learn from one another. They can share their experiences and at the same time, give advice, which is one of the keys towards a successful recovery.

In the case of Orange County California, it is never too late for them to reduce the number of drug and alcohol addicts, especially when treatment centers like Broadway treatment center exist. There is still hope that more people would be able to recover from addiction and more people would be able to realize the real value of life.

Underage Drinking and why it is Increasing

Underage Drinking and why it is Increasing

Drinking is not new to teens. As a matter of fact, teens have become more and more engaged in alcohol consumption over the years. There are certain reasons for why underage drinking is happening. This blog will put into detail all of the things that you would like to learn about this serious matter.

Reasons Why and Increasing Amount of Teens are Suffering from Alcohol Addiction

The teenage years are a prime time for attempting to try some new things as well as to assert independence. While teens transition to adulthood, they usually become tempted by adult activities. They become interested in following the footsteps of their parents. They also try those things that were already tried by their friends as they are working on establishing their respective identities. Alcohol and drugs have become more involved involved in such mix.

Most teens use marijuana, club drugs, prescription drugs and some other forms of substances as their way of dealing with stress, relating to their friends or peers, and dissenting against authority. The National Institute on Drug Abuse or NIDA conducted a study in 2015 and their research revealed that over 58 percent of 12th graders consumed alcohol and almost 24 percent of them used prohibited drugs within the past few years. Young adults and teens have become involved with drugs and alcohol for different reasons which include:

Peer Pressure

It is a powerful force for anyone regardless of the stage of life but it tends to be very influential during the teenage years. At the time when the children are attempting to find out who they are as well as where they would fit in, once insecurities have become fierce, the desire to be liked and accepted makes it very hard for them to reject anything. Saying no could have some painful consequences that may range from being mocked or teased to being disgraced, bullied, or rejected.

To Feel and Look “Grown-up”

Teenagers usually want other people to treat them as adults. You can often hear them saying “I am not a kid”, particularly when they would like to get that privilege which comes along with age, such as using alcohol. It is not a surprise that they are drawn to things which make them feel more mature, older, and more sophisticated. Smoking, drinking and using drugs can also boost this feeling.

With such behaviors comes the impression that one is really mature and that they could handle anything. Sad to say, a bad incident can instantly shatter it as well, and remind them simply how vulnerable and young still they are. But, till such event, they naively assume that “bad things” take place only to “other people”. They tend to overestimate their maturity & underrate their vulnerability.

Modeling the Behavior of Their Parents

Teenagers grow up with the parents who are abusing drugs or alcohol usually follow suit. In the end, that is what they know and what they have learned. Aside from that, when one or both of their parents are active users, they normally have instant access also. Not just does the apple usually not fall far from the tree, children usually mimic the behaviors of their parents – both bad and good.

Granted, some children would do the extreme opposite and will shun all of the substances, desiring to refrain from turning to that thing which ruined the lives of their parents that resulted to traumatic experiences during childhood like neglect or abuse.


Curiosity not just “slayed the cat”, it could as well become an extremely seductive temptress. The yearning to try some new things and then explore the entire world did not shut off when puberty started. As a matter of fact, it frequently becomes stronger. Many teenagers have a lot more independence compared to what they did as kids.

They are less closely supervised and usually left home on their own for chunks of time whilst their mother and father are at work or out for the night. The need to figure out what it feels like to be intoxicated or high could be extremely strong. Everyone experiments might be an extremely compelling rationale. Unluckily, a lot of children end up in drug or alcohol rehabilitation treatment down the street because of some ill-fated desire to fulfill their curiosity.


It has been said that the “idle hands are devil’s tools” and in the same way, “an idle mind is the playground of a devil”. In some other words, boredom could instantly get anybody and particularly, a restless teenager in all forms of trouble.


Teenagers who are struggling with more emotional pain are particularly vulnerable to drug and alcohol abuse. They make use of such substances, just like most adults, as a manner of treating themselves. They know that getting high and drunk would temporarily ease or numb the pain and give them with a way of escape.

Such substances could as well appear to relieve the problem. For instance, a socially awkward or very shy teen might use alcohol within a frantic effort to feel more comfortable around others. A teen that lives within a conflicted home setting might resort to drugs for shutting out entire world or at least make it more bearable.


Teenagers want to assert their budding maturity and then test the limitations with their parents. Those teens with overprotective, nagging and strict parents usually lash out in the passive-aggressive way. Instead of just talking to their parents regarding their frustrations, like what they perceive as very strict rules, consistent nagging, or hypocrisy, they might rebel by using drugs or alcohol, particularly when they know that doing so would make their parents embarrassed or angry.

These are the most common reasons why teens get involved in alcohol consumption. No matter how long a teen had been suffering from alcohol addiction, he or she can always find the way back to normal. Treatment is always available to get rid of the problem.


Underage Drinking and why it is Increasing Couple Rehabs


What Is Our Society Promoting That Encourages Alcohol Use?

Young people in most cultures were introduced to drinking alcohol early in life as a normal part of their day to day living. While educational programs within the United States normally highlight that kids should never taste the alcohol, the reverse is a fact in the societies which sustain the greatest moderate drinking practices.

The notion of a minimum age prior kids must be “protected” against alcohol is alien in France and China, wherein this is the matter of law and the late or mid-teens are favored. Kids learn to drink earlier in Zambia through taking small quantities if they are sent to purchase beer. Kids in Italy, France, and Spain are routinely provided with wine as part of the meal or the celebration.

In France, adults are allowed to give kids a ½ glass of water that was slightly reddened with a small amount of wine or they can add some beer or cider to be diluted very carefully with water. This is a bit more cautious and it recommends that the most appropriate time to introduce kids to alcoholic beverages, 4 years old instead of 2. Usually, wine is initially offered if the child is at least two years old or more could hold a glass with his own hands safely and can join his family on the table.

Historically, alcohol education, as well as prevention efforts, were focused on altering the behavior of an individual. Problem drinking, alcoholism including drug addiction are typically viewed in the US as issues that arise out of the weakness of people. It is associated with the American values of self-determination and individualism.

On the other hand, public health experts, as well as practitioners, learned that the environment wherein people reside and work profoundly influences their behavior and attitude around drinking. The environmental influences on the use of alcohol include the acceptance of the use of alcohol by society, availability which involves the price, the number of the outlets, and the server practices, local and national marketing and advertising including the public policies about alcohol & enforcement of such policies.

The acceptance of dangerous alcohol consumption is encouraged over mass media, role models, peer attitudes, and the society’s attitude in general. Ways in which this particular acceptance has been shown include:

  • Videos, movies, television , and music which glorify drinking and drunken attitude
  • Sports figures, peers, movie stars & local role models which show  to obtain popularity, have sex appeal or fun from  liquor without ill-effects
  • Lack of negative consequences which is either informal or formal for those people who are engaged in dangerous drinking, or in creating issues while drunk, sending messages that drinking alcohol has been accepted

Kinds of Treatments that Broadway Treatment Center Offers

Couples Rehabs works with most popular rehabilitation centers in Orange County, California, aiming to support and assist all drug and alcohol addiction sufferers to achieve sobriety. They offer different programs that are primarily designed to help people both young and adults to get rid of their addiction and start a brand new life. If your child is currently suffering from underage alcohol addiction, you can ask for assistance in getting his or her life back to normal with the help of this rehabilitation center.

Your teenage son or daughter has to be checked and assessed to find out which program best fits his or her condition. The following are the programs they offer for alcohol addiction treatment:

Detox Program

Couples Rehabs treatment partners offer a closely monitored detox program for those addicts who experience withdrawal symptoms. This rehabilitation center is committed to providing excellence when it comes to patient care. Addiction and chemical dependence are harmful and mostly life-threatening afflictions which can affect people from all walks of life across the world.

Many people who suffer from addiction would need to imbibe drugs or alcohol many times through the day as to keep the withdrawal signs at bay. It results in addicts who need to maintain what could become a very pricey substance abuse habit that typically leads them to commit crimes so as to get the money needed for sustaining their addiction. Over a selection of methods, detox takes place primarily in the internal organs like the intestines, liver, kidneys, and even the skin. Through eliminating the body of the chemical intoxicants including some other unwanted substances, the person may experience a general improvement of the senses, revitalization as well as enhanced vitamins or minerals absorption.

Residential Alcohol and Drug Treatment

Addiction is a comprehensively and profoundly destructive chronic relapsing disease. Which affects individuals from different walks of life and from anywhere in the globe. Generally speaking, addiction treatment programs could be broken into 2 groups that consist of such treatment programs wherein the addict lives inside the facility throughout the initial treatment period. Programs wherein the patient continuously living in the comfort of his or her home whilst in treatment. These treatment options are known as outpatient treatment and the residential treatment.

Outpatient Rehabilitation

Addiction usually starts as a recreational substance abuse which takes place just on occasion as the person experiments along with the impacts of a substance. Maybe, a white-collar businessman comes with a glass full of scotch at the end of the day that turns in a few glasses of this beverage before being able to drink the whole bottle which he empties in just one drinking session. With that, the person comes with such dependence on liquor which he can’t go a day without drinking, putting into danger his decent job and placing a strain on all his finances which he falls behind the bills and mortgage.

Couples Rehabs facilities offer a comfortable and safe place where to begin the journey of one to recover. They have a live-in facility complete with all of the treatments and a set of tools that recovering addict requires to attain long-term sobriety. So what are you still waiting for? Please visit their official website at to learn more.

Why do people become addicted to drugs or alcohol?

Why do people become addicted to drugs or alcohol?

These past few years, you have seen how the number of people who use drugs and alcohol increase. This has resulted in a more serious problem, such as early, and problematic pregnancies and failures in various parts of life. What are the possible reasons of allowing this malevolent thing to happen? And why do people become addicted to drugs or alcohol?

Substance addiction is one of the major problems across the world. It doesn’t only cause suffering and pain for the people involved, but also to the society and those around the addicted individual. Regardless of the continued efforts to understand and eliminate drug and alcohol abuse, there’s no sign that it is narrowing. It is a complicated issue because there are various reasons as to why people consistently get involved in substance addiction.

Understanding drug and alcohol addiction

Drug and alcohol addiction is described as a relapsing, chronic brain disease. It is characterized by obsessive drug seeking and misuse, in spite of harmful effects. It is regarded as a brain disease because these harmful substances can change the brain’s structure and how it works. These brain changes may be lifelong and result in harmful behaviors. Addiction can be compared to other diseases, like heart disease. Both disturb the healthy, normal functioning of the essential organs, are treatable and preventable and have severe harmful consequences. If not treated immediately, the addiction of a person to drugs and alcohol can last for a longer period of time.

Factors that lead people to experiment with alcohol and drugs

There are many different reasons why people, especially teenagers, try the harmful use of alcohol and drugs – from biological to developmental, to environmental factors. Some use the substance due to peer pressure or teenage rebellion, while others use it to promote relaxation or as a way to handle stress.

  • Peer and school

Acquaintances and friends can have a gradually stronger influence in adolescence. Poor social skills or academic failure can put a student at further risk to use or become dependent to drugs and/or alcohol. Drug-using peers can potentially encourage fellow classmates to drink alcohol or take up drugs to just have fun.

  • Rebellion

Teenagers like to test the restrictions with their parents and declare their growing maturity. Often, teens with strict, overprotective or nagging parents hit out in a passive-aggressive manner. Instead of talking with their parents regarding their frustrations, they are constantly rebelling by using drugs or alcohol, especially if they know it will hit the anger of their parents.

  • Self-treatment

People who deal with lots of emotional pain are mostly at risk of substance use and addiction. Especially for teens, they use alcohol and drugs to ease their sorrow from anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder or others. They know that getting drunk or getting high will, at any rate, ease or numb their pain temporarily and offer them with a method of escape.

  • Modeling the behavior of their family members or friends

Young adults that come of age with parents or befriend with someone who abuse drugs or alcohol often follow the same path. After all, that is what they know and what they have learned. The curiosity will arise into them, enabling them to try the destructive substances.

  • Boredom

Those who cannot bear to be alone have problems keeping their minds occupied. This is why some people have no fear taking drugs or alcohol. These substances give them something to do and help fill the inner emptiness they feel. Drug use and addiction is often considered as a way to escape the dull world and enter a different reality.

  • Lack of confidence

Many shy adolescents who lack self-confidence claim that they do things under the influence of drugs or alcohol that they could not otherwise. For them, the substance is a great help in releasing their inhibitions and alleviating their social fears.

  • Misinformation

The most stoppable cause of substance addiction is incorrect information on alcohol and drugs. Almost all teenagers have friends who assert to be experts on many recreational substances and assure that the risks are only minimal.

  • Easy and quick availability

This is true especially in today’s continuing development of technology. You will see that street drugs, alcohol and prescription drugs are more convenient than ever. People can obtain prescription drugs through doctors, on the streets and even over the internet. In fact, many websites are claiming to offer different types of drugs and alcohol. This is indeed very alarming especially on the part of parents.

  • For experimentation

It is common for obsession to stem from an individual being curious and trying drugs. Often, it is a set-up that starts with marijuana or alcohol but ends up with heroin and crystal meth, prescription medication and cocaine. This experimentation frequently leads to a regular intake of harmful substances, which is eventually difficult to remove in the habit of a person.

What happens to the brain when drugs are being abused?

Drugs are compounds that tap in the communication system of the brain and interrupt the process nerve cells that typically send, process and receive information. There are (at least) two ways that these substances are able to do this: (1) imitating the natural compound messengers of the brain; (2) over stimulating the brain’s reward circuit.

Heroin, marijuana and other drugs have the same structure to chemical messengers – known as neurotransmitters. These are commonly produced by the human brain. Due to this similarity, these drugs have the capacity to fool the receptors of the brain and initiate nerve cells for the purpose of sending abnormal messages.

Whereas, other drugs like methamphetamine and cocaine can lead the nerve cells into abnormal release of large quantities of natural neurotransmitters, or even prevent the normal reprocessing of the brain chemicals, which is necessary in shutting off the warning sign between neurons. This interruption generates a greatly enlarged message that ultimately interrupts normal patterns of communication.

Drugs have serious side effects especially to our mind

Usually, when an individual thinks of something, the mind is extremely fast and information comes quickly. But when you take drugs, your memory becomes blurry. This eventually leads to blank spots. You cannot get information with this cloudy mess. Drugs will make you feel stupid or slow and will cause you to have disappointments in life. And as you have more failures and difficulty in life, you have the initiation to take more drugs due to the belief that it will lessen your problem or help you manage the challenges you are struggling with.

Drugs can destroy your creativity

Contrary to what other people believe, drugs will not help you become more artistic or creative. The truth is somewhat different. You might think that drugs can help you get a feeling of contentment, but it doesn’t actually work. The truth is that, these harmful substances can completely destroy all the creativity you possess.

Many previous users claimed that taking drugs is quite fun at first, but soon after you start drinking, you will quickly become the different person you never thought you could be. Some began stealing money from loved ones to support their alcohol, marijuana, cocaine and LSD habits, while others start cutting ties to all their families and drug-free friends.


Why do people become addicted to drugs or alcohol? Couple Rehabs


Can addiction to drugs and alcohol be prevented or cured?

As with other chronic ailments such as asthma, heart disease or diabetes, addiction treatment is generally not a cure. But, addiction is curable and can be managed in a successful manner. Those who recover from alcohol or drug addiction, will be vulnerable to revert for years and potentially for their entire lives. According to a research, the best chance for addiction recovery can be guaranteed when behavioral therapy is combined with addiction treatment medicines.

Other good news is that drug addiction and use is preventable. Prevention programs including schools, families, media and communities play integral, effective roles to reduce or prevent drug/alcohol use and addiction. This is why you will see various schools, organizations and communities implementing programs with regard to prevention and treatment of addiction. This is helpful especially to people who cannot afford consulting a professional.

Outreach and education are major assistances in helping people, particularly teens, to understand potential risks of alcohol and drug use. Health care providers, teachers and parents have integral roles in teaching young people for their healthy, successful future.

Alcoholism and Addiction: Who are the real victims?

Addiction doesn’t only take a toll on the addict – it hurts every person in the life of the addict. Families, coworkers, friends and anyone with a connection to the addict can likely experience harmful side effects. But, who are the real victims of alcoholism and addiction?

Though the father, wife, grandparents or distant relatives often experience immense pain from drugs and alcohol addictive behavior, it is the children who grieve the most. A child who is being neglected by substance abuse is one of the saddest things you will ever see. Adults are given various options to handle a drug addict or an active alcoholic. They can defend themselves if attacked, call the authorities or even kick out an alcoholic if the case warrants.

Children are lacking all of these choices. They are totally innocent. They are unprotected and the addictive parent or alcoholic can do massive damage through terrible choices and bad parenting. Why is this happening? We cannot just easily conclude because there are many reasons as to why these children are suffering from substance addiction.

Perhaps, these kids suffer through their addict or alcoholic parent. Otherwise, they have been influenced by peers or even by their own family. Another sad part is that, babies are too often born addicted to substances, or with any number of serious mental or physical birth defects. To see a kid suffer by no fault of their own is undeniably infuriating and heart-wrenching. Such is the real nature of addiction; it doesn’t care who it harms.

Good thing, the communities are doing programs to prevent more children from suffering this kind of traumatic event.

What and addict can do to recover from addiction?

Good thing addiction can be treated successfully, thanks to the many different programs offered by the rehabilitation centers. The experts will help you engage in substance use condition treatment, modify your behaviors and attitudes associated with drug and alcohol use, and increase your life skills to successfully deal with environmental cues and stressful circumstances that can trigger strong cravings for alcohol and drugs. Not only that, the therapies will improve the medication’s effectiveness and help you stay in treatment longer.

What kinds of treatments do Addiction Treatment Centers offer?

If you think you believe you need professional help on your addiction treatment and recovery, Couples Rehabs offers different kinds of treatments suited to any personal requirements and budget. These include:

  • Individual therapy – depending on the client’s needs, level of care and length of treatment.
  • Family therapy – can include involvement of the client’s spouse, parent, sibling, significant other, etc.
  • Group therapy – includes therapeutic groups managed by a licensed clinical specialist. Clients are given the chance to explore problems and process their recovery treatment in a peer-supported and safe setting.
  • Trauma therapies – Seeking Safety Sessions, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing, etc. can be offered under this type of treatment.
  • Psychiatric and medical sessions – covers group discussion and interactive instruction, such as Medication, Substance Conditions and The Physiological Effects of Substances.
  • Recovery oriented challenge therapy – centered on activities where a clinical expert can actively participate with clients, such as games, outdoor activities, group challenges and other skill building treatment activities.

Inclusive outpatient treatment services are provided for people with chronic or acute substance use disorders. Addiction to alcohol and drugs is a condition that ultimately affects all aspects of family and personal functioning. Thus, the program has a universal method to care delivery, addressing social service, psychiatric, medical and family needs with integrated program service.

Regardless of your reason for getting involved in drugs and alcohol, you should start making a plan on how to release yourself from addiction and getting the necessary addiction treatment.  is guaranteed to help people achieve sobriety and an enjoyable life. Call us today at  to talk with one of our live counselors.

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