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Entering into a drug or alcohol rehab for couples is never easy. At Couples Rehab we understand the complexity of addiction and want to share our information to our visitors. Our goal is to provide the best options for our readers so they can make the best choice for seeking recovery. Our company is networked with couples substance abuse centers around the county that offer patients various options for treatment. Why wait, most insurance covers the cost. Start living the life you and your partner deserve.

Couples rehabilitation and residential treatment programs

Our partner’s residential addiction treatment centers offer a multidisciplinary technique to couples rehabilitation. These comprehensive plans begin with the detoxing process and continue all the method through aftercare planning and sober living. The multidisciplinary design assists our customers successfully recover from addiction and chemical reliance by providing everyday support in addition to treatment.Our couple’s substance abuse treatment program supplies a structured living environment with a familial environment, which assists to foster a sense of calmness for our clients. Participation in the numerous structured activities will equip our couples with a variety of tools to conquer their dependence and handle their addiction in healthy methods.

Behavioral Couple Therapy – Behavioral Marital Therapy

Our partners use substance abuse treatment programs are designed for couples where both people are struggling with addiction. These programs are customized to assist those suffering as an individual and also heal together as a couple.It is important that both of these actions be taken during healing and to not simply deal with the relationship alone. For a couple to remain in an overall healthy state; mentally, spiritually, and physically, they need to work together. CBT is offered as a part of a thorough treatment strategy. This type of therapy will assist to recover and grow the relationship that was troubled by addiction.

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you get a chance to build a better relationship than before.

We understand that entering in a drug or alcohol program is very difficult. Being able to receive help together can relive many anxieties and stress that come with getting help from addiction. A couples detox and treatment center that allows therapy for both parties can be the difference in staying clean and sober forever. Start your recovery today!

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