Same Room Couples Rehab

Stay in Same Room

Same Room Couples Rehab

The number one question our couples addiction helpline receives is “can we stay in the same room?” That’s the whole point right? You and your partner want to help each other along the way, encouraging each other to stay the course.


No matter how long you and your partner have been abusing drugs and alcohol, or how bad your addiction is, there are certain steps that anyone struggling with addiction must take if they want to learn how to stop it. Fortunately, couples rehab centers for couples provide specialized care and rehab for couples who live together and struggle with substance abuse problems.


Addicts may find that their recovery process is hampered by the need to care for their loved ones, who are also addicted. Joint addiction therapy in a rehab for couples is beneficial if both partners commit to the relationship and become clean and sober. By providing a partner willing to initiate the recovery process, rehab can help break the cycle of addiction and solidify a relationship by helping couples investigate and change the problems that led to their addiction in the first place. 


Finding a specialized substance abuse treatment center that allows each individual to focus on their own recovery is one of the most important steps to be taken at the beginning of treatment. For example, it may be safer and more productive for an addict to enroll in a rehab center made up of men. Only or only for women. Perhaps it was more beneficial for someone suffering from an addiction to visit a rehabilitation center with a partner of their own than with someone suffering from an addiction. 


The length of stay in a rehabilitation center for each individual may depend on how well he responds to treatment and what kind of rehabilitation program may be appropriate for his or her recovery. Find out which rehab centers admit couples to their program and help those seeking treatment for drug and alcohol abuse find out if a couple would like to enroll in a rehab center together. Always be sure to ask if you and your partner can stay in the same room throughout recovery if that is something you wish to do.


Drug and alcohol addiction affects 23.5 million Americans, which is why some institutions are starting to offer rehab services for couples. If a potential alcohol or drug rehabilitation center offers a rehab program for a couple, please contact our team of treatment specialists for more information. 


The decision to go to rehab is scary and overwhelming for many, but going through it with your partner can be very comforting. Even for people who do not want to separate their partner from his treatment, rehab can be an additional motivation for couples. If you searched “can we stay in the same room in couples rehab” be sure to make it clear that is the condition you will need to enter treatment.


Achieving sobriety can be a difficult endeavor for anyone struggling with substance abuse or addiction, but it is even more challenging when the partner in a romantic couple has an addiction. Partnerships in which a person struggles with addiction are more common than one might imagine. 


Couples who abuse drugs and alcohol often struggle with each other, experience increasing emotional distance from each other and experience depression and anxiety. 


If both members of a couple are dealing with substance abuse or drug addiction, this can make recovery more difficult. If only one member of the couple goes to rehabilitation and the other continues to take substances, it can be difficult for the first partner to avoid a relapse after the end of treatment. This, in turn, could lead to increased substance use, a vicious circle in which one of them continues to use stress reduction as a source of escape from his growing problem. 


Although both partners should be willing to participate in the therapeutic process, it can help them to learn to recover together. It can also provide opportunities to help improve the relationship, address issues such as codependence and empowerment, and create new relationship dynamics that support them alone and together while maintaining recovery. 


For couples struggling with alcohol addiction in particular, a couples therapy method similar to similar treatment, based on different psychotherapeutic models, to promote abstinence and improve the healthy functioning of the relationship. It is an outpatient treatment that aims to increase problem-solving skills in order to help the couple achieve more sobriety. 


This addiction treatment provides comprehensive treatment for substance abuse and uses drugs such as methadone, buprenorphine, and naltrexone to relieve withdrawal symptoms, help with detoxification, and maintain post-detoxification. A person struggling with drug or alcohol addiction can live in an outpatient rehabilitation facility, which allows the patient to continue to live at home during treatment at the facility. 


Regardless of the substance being abused, couples in rehab can help struggling partners overcome the negative cycle of addiction and regain control of their relationship and their lives. Addressing substance abuse issues with specific tools and methods during rehab allows you to focus on achieving sobriety, repairing and strengthening your relationship. 


If your partner is a heavy long-term user, rehab for couples can offer numerous benefits for both of you. Rehabilitation facilities for couples may differ from inpatient facilities or from others that go to outpatient sessions. If you and your partner are looking for a rehab that you can participate in together, close to where you live, contact the addiction counseling center of the couple on this page. Get connected to a couples rehab where you and your partner can stay in the same room.

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