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New Jersey Inpatient Drug Rehab For Couples

Are you in search of an inpatient drug rehab for couples in New Jersey? Are you in a committed relationship with someone and you are both struggling with an addiction? Those who suffer from an addiction from drugs or alcohol have many questions about recovery options. How long does a couples drug rehab last? Where are couples rehabs located? Does my insurance pay for rehab? What happens in a couples drug rehab? These are all valid questions that a couple should ask before committing to a treatment facility. Addiction is a disease and should be treated by medical professionals that understand how to best handle the process of recovery. The first step in entering an inpatient drug rehab for couples is the pre-assessment. This is where the center asks medical questions about you and your partners medical history and drug or alcohol use.
The New Jersey couples treatment center will also ask about any mental or physical issues that might require different types of care and therapy.  Whether you are abusing drugs or you and your partner need treatment for alcohol addiction Couples Rehabs can help you find the right center in New Jersey. As soon as the couple completes the first step they will move onto the intake process. This is when they enter into the drug rehab and discuss any medical issues again to make sure the medical staff are aware. After the intake process is completed they will be moved into the inpatient drug rehab for couples, and the detox process begins.
Depending on what you are struggling with whether alcohol or drugs, a doctor will be able to safely detox. The detox process can be as short as a few days to a few weeks depending on what type of substance you and your partner have been abusing. Cleansing (detox) centers are an excellent alternative for many with various compound dependences, including alcohol, benzodiazepine, and opioid dependencies. When an addicted person stops using alcohol and drugs, the body often starts to experience withdrawal signs. offers a complete list of New Jersey couples detox centers, you can find out more by calling 1-888-325-2454.
Opioid withdrawal symptoms can last anywhere from one week to one month. Specifically the emotional signs such as low energy, stress and anxiety and insomnia can last for a couple of months after stopping high doses of opioids. Once the early stage withdrawal symptoms are over, you will still experience post-acute withdrawal signs. Medical Detoxification is a controlled and clinically monitored withdrawal from addictive drugs, typically under the care of a physician. Drinking alcohol or using drugs can cause physical reliance with time and stopping them can result in withdrawal symptoms in individuals with this reliance.
One particular method to treating this issue is behavioral couples therapy (BCT). It’s designed to help troubled married or cohabiting couples deal with the concerns in a collaborative effort utilizing techniques that stem from behavioral psychology. In a nutshell, the objectives of BCT are to motivate abstinence with a recovery agreement and enhance it by rewarding it everyday and reinforcing the relationship. When one partner in a relationship is abusing alcohol or drugs the effect is often significant. Not only does it negatively affect the other partner, it also affects everybody else in the picture– kids, relative, close friends, colleagues, as well as next-door neighbors. Alcohol and substance abuse constantly come at a high rate, particularly if it’s been going on for quite some time.
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