inpatient drug rehab for couples maine Couple Rehabs

Couple Rehab Centers Maine


Are you looking for a couples rehab in Maine? Do you and your partner want to get sober together and are looking for a rehab for couples in Maine? In the event of romantic relationships, addiction truly is a family disease. This is particularly true if both partners in the relationship are suffering from it. Very few treatment services offer couples rehab, yet it’s not uncommon for both members of a relationship to suffer from addiction. When both persons in a relationship are addicted to drugs or alcohol, it can make achieving moderation difficult, but not impossible. Both members of the relationship must be prepared to receive help. If one partner pursues treatment, and the other partner continues to abuse drugs or alcohol, it makes achieving long-term moderation for the partner seeking help nearly impossible. Afterward, the partner who seeks treatment will often decline upon returning home to their partner. Consequently, both partners must receive treatment for their substance abuse. If you are searching for a couples rehab in Maine for substance abuse contact the addiction helpline and get help now.


inpatient drug rehab for couples maine Couple Rehabs
Maine Couples Rehab – Rehab for Couples Maine


Couples who abuse drugs or alcohol together are in a particularly difficult situation because substance abuse can cause significant damage to the relationship. Even the most dedicated couples struggle with day-to-day issues and adding substance abuse to both parties further exacerbates these problems. Continued drug or alcohol abuse results in personal, professional, and financial complications. When both associates of a relationship suffer from the effects of substance abuse, the consequences can be shocking. Consequences may comprise mortgages get foreclosed upon, vehicles get repossessed, jobs are lost, and children may be removed from the home. Sadly, many treatment facilities do not offer couples rehab in Maine.


Discovering a top treatment center for drug addiction is one of the best steps toward a successful recovery. The best couples treatment centers have experienced staff and high rates of success in treating those in recovery. There is a list of top drug rehabilitation centers in the United States. But before discussing them, you should also consider what to expect from these centers in terms of facilities.


Luxury Couples Rehab 


The couples centers know that people will have different treatment paths, so they have a list of a variety of treatment providers from ultra-luxury rehab to reasonable luxury couples rehab. Each treatment supplier in the collection on luxury rehab appears to meet the following standards.


Luxurious Services and Accommodations


At least, centers must-have comfortable, clean, and safe situations for all facilities related to the treatment experience.


The couples centers are believed to be more luxurious the more amenities they have—such as a swimming pool, access to landscape, and gourmet, chef-prepared meals—and the more their lodgings reflect luxury lifestyles, such as beautiful interiors, housekeeping, and private bathrooms.


Qualified Staff


Centers must hire qualified staff respective to a person’s position. For instance, they expect to see a Clinical Director with years of experience, official training, and license(s) related to addiction and mental health treatment.


Rounded Clinical Program


Since some people may discover certain treatment approaches and therapies work better for them than others, the couples rehab includes a variety of centers. For instance, treatment approaches include 12-Step, complete, evidence-based, and individualized, just to name a few.


Normally, through the lens of the core treatment philosophy, luxury centers give a multifaceted list of therapies and their therapists have dozens of therapies in their “toolbox” to help customers find freedom from their addiction. The better-rounded a clinical program is to meet a client’s treatment needs and inclinations, the more luxury the center considers. Now have a look at some of the luxury rehab centers.


Couples Addiction Treatment


Couples Rehabs has many rehabilitation centers they work with and are constantly striving to grow already industry-leading rehab centers. The luxurious recovery centers  have gained hefty reputations primarily because of the first-class care and evidence-based treatment options. The expert team of addiction specialists and therapists work very hard to remain ahead of the curve when it comes to newly discovered and innovative treatment techniques that, when executed, improve understanding and the ability to treat each patient most effectively.


Couples Rehabs recovery partners offer comfortable setting near the beautiful coastlines in California and Florida. The drug and alcohol rehab program and addiction treatment that they make available at Couples Rehabs designed with the patients in mind. The staff is aware of the countless hardships suffered every single day that are caused by drug addictions—giving an environment where all the focus can be primarily geared towards a successful and long-lasting recovery. The center offers a wide variety of supportive activities for the patients to engage in, where new skills can be developed, and opportunities to learn from each other are magnified.


If you interested in a couples rehab contact our helpline and remove the trouble that others have when seeking help with substance abuse or mental health disorder causing high amounts of suffering.

What to Expect in a Maine Couples Rehab?

The couples rehab center has built a strong reputation as an alcohol rehab center that can treat men and women while making every effort to maintain the standard of excellence. By constantly going the extra mile and never cutting corners, they are proud to be reflected among the most desirable recovery centers for couples addiction treatment in Maine.


Your housing stay, at one of the reputable drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers, includes round-the-clock monitoring and world-class treatment. All this is done with the main goal of helping you overcome drug and alcohol abuse habits and establishing yourself a healthy and positive foreseeable future. Along with the plenty of support from the medical team, case managers, therapists, counselors, and support staff, a few comforting perks include:


  • A completely furnished room
  • All meals are ready
  • Access to any needed supplies
  • Local conveyance provided
  • A great variety of fun activities is part of the Couples Rehabs experience


Another great benefit that they at many couples rehabs is a healthy mean program. Having this exclusive asset has proven to be extremely beneficial because it is not simple to accomplish a specific nutrition plan on your own. The professional chef uses only the best ingredients to create nutritious and complete meals every day that accords perfectly with the program you and the nutritionist create together. These healthy and appealing meals are provided three times a day, along with a vast collection.


Benefits of Choosing Couple Rehab Centers in Maine


Care goes a long way in recovery, and it’s quite interesting to be headed towards a sober lifestyle if the other partner is not. Though, if both partners are on board, there is nothing that they cannot overcome together. Not only is there an exceptional bond already formed by being together, but the journey to get to an improved space can bring them closer. Moreover, it can make therapy easier, as there will be another individual nearby at all times who understands you, your journey, your story, and your struggle.


There are often various treatment programs available such as gender group gatherings, couples therapy, individual therapy sessions, health and wellness programs, and more. Couples Rehabs is more than just the remedial of addiction. They focus on a more complete approach, where the mind, body, and spirit are all tended to in the process. With a partner, this can be a much-appreciated mix. Couples therapy may also show associates that there are separate paths to be taken, and that’s okay! The healing course is all about getting to the root of it all, so that both individuals can come out feeling more entire, complete, and grounded.


If you’re examining for couple’s rehab centers for you and your partner, look no further. At Couples Rehabs, they have a team of kind, sympathetic, and caring individuals. Your journey is vital to the centers, and the mission of your partner is of equal value. Your story together isn’t ended yet, and by reaching for moderation, anything is possible.


Couples Recovery Center


Couples Rehabs Maine addiction treatment programs are, fully licensed, medical drug and alcohol detox and recovery center. They know that when someone takes the first step and gives a call, he/she is at a crossroads. Typically all options have been exhausted and the feeling of hopelessness has sunken in. It’s at this moment you have selected to make a change and Couples Rehab is here with open arms. Choosing the right detox and alcohol treatment center is not a decision to make lightly. One must reflect the size of the facility, the staff to patient ratio, and facilities offered. Bear in mind that the road to recovery is not a race, and the more relaxed and welcome a patient feels during his/her stay, the more he/she will benefit from the treatment received.


Focusing on each patient’s precise needs, they offer detoxification and residential programs that are second to none. This advanced center offers a quiet, safe, and relaxing environment designed to help you prosper. Take ease in knowing that they are a smaller facility. They provide a total of 30 beds with one of the industry’s highest staff to patient ratios. Whether you select a single or double room, each bed has its flat-screen television for your convenience. All meals are prepared from scratch by the in-house cook. The couples rehabs also offer a recreational area offers several games, books, and workout equipment.




It is not unusual for couples, whether married or not, to start using drugs or alcohol. Though, each person makes his or her own decision to use. It is probable to enter drug rehab together, and it is possible to defeat drugs and alcohol abuse as a couple. However, couples’ support and treatment are necessary. In brief, you can overcome your craving as a couple as long as both parties deal with the underlying cause of their treatment individually. Locate a couples rehab Maine near you by calling our helpline today.


Largest Cities in Maine:

  • Portland
  • Lewiston
  • Bangor
  • South Portland
  • Auburn
  • Biddeford
  • Sanford
  • Saco
  • Westbrook
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