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Palm Springs Couples Rehab

If you and your loved one is suffering from alcohol or drug addiction, you should consider going to couples rehab in Palm Springs California. Addiction affects many relationships, and sometimes it’s just too hard to handle on your own. A support group for couples can help to keep you focused so you can recover. However, even after you have reached recovery, you may need help keeping your relationship sober.


Couples counseling and drug rehab centers are good for the health of both partners. Not only will they help to keep you and your partner on track through treatment, but they can give each of you a sense of purpose and meaning in life. Inpatient care may also offer those extra motivation for individuals who do not wish to be separate from their spouse during treatment.


LGBTQ & Gay-Friendly Couples Rehabs

According to statistics of the National Abandoned Infants Assistance Resource Center, gay women are nearly three times as likely as straight women to be in a relationship where one partner is addicted to alcohol or drugs. In some cases, the addiction may have occurred before the couple met or when the relationship was new. Sometimes, it may have come out of no fault of either partner. Regardless, it’s important for both partners to get help. It’s OK to admit that you need help because when you get help now, it will make it easier to stay sober in the long run. Find a LGBTQ addiction couples treatment center if you and your partner need help.


Stay in the Same Room Couples Rehab Palm Springs

An inpatient couples rehab treatment center in Palm Springs will give you or your loved one the opportunity to detox from alcohol or drug abuse completely. An inpatient treatment facility will allow for privacy. In fact, many people undergoing treatment to choose an inpatient rehab center over an outpatient facility because they are more comfortable. You’ll still have a close relationship with your primary care doctor and nurse, but the inpatient setting gives you the privacy you need. Our centers offer you and your partner to stay in the same room during rehab to make your experience less stressful if you choose.


The first step in the couple’s drug rehab program is assessment. In this assessment, doctors, therapists and other staff members will ask a series of questions about your partner’s medical, mental and emotional condition. This is done in order to begin the drug treatment process.


During the couple’s recovery treatment process, you may notice that there are several changes that have occurred in both of you. You will want to discuss these changes with your primary care physician and therapist. It is important for both of you to understand why you are experiencing the changes. Your primary care physician and therapist can provide support and advice if necessary, and they can also refer you to an alcohol and drug addiction treatment center for couples if necessary.

Relapse Prevention for Couples

One of the biggest problems that couples experience when they are suffering from substance abuse or alcoholism is relapse. Many people do not recognize the signs of a relapse until it has been too late. Unfortunately, it can be difficult for couples to realize that their relationship is in trouble when they are together. If you notice that your spouse has become withdrawn or he or she is becoming argumentative more often, you may want to take note of these changes so you can address them as soon as possible.


Another way to help prevent relapse is by being consistent in your efforts to address the problem. Alcohol and drug abuse does not just “go away” on its own. You and your partner must commit to a course of treatment, if you want your relationship to improve. It is not uncommon for people to go back to their old habits after being treated in one of the many rehab centers across the country. However, if you and your loved one are committed to improving your relationship, then treatment will likely be an ongoing process.


If you and your partner are struggling with substance abuse, whether you are married or not, you can enter a Palm Springs couples rehab. Contact our couples addiction helpline and speak with a recovery specialist now.