Withdrawal Symptoms During a Couples Detox

Withdrawal Symptoms During a Couples Detox Couple Rehabs

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All across the United States, addiction affects both individuals and families. Alcohol and drug addiction can strike anyone at any time, and it is not unusual for couples to suffer from it simultaneously. Long-term recovery becomes challenging if only one partner recovers from addiction while the other continues to use drugs or alcohol. Spouses in a relationship dealing with substance abuse disorder face different challenges than an individual with the same level of addiction. It is possible to release yourself or a loved one from the grip that drugs have on your lives. And it will be worthwhile when you see the incredible outcomes after joining couples detox programs. It’s critical to be careful during drug detox and withdrawal management when you or a loved one is ready to give up abusing drugs.

Couples Rehab near me offers you and your loved one a comprehensive addiction treatment plan with a variety of treatment options, such as couples detox and evidence-based behavioral therapies including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. In addition to integrating treatment with the use of joint therapy to help repair your relationship and address any issues that may be brought about by addiction, you will both go through interventions that will assist to treat the reasons of your addiction so that both of you can recover together.

What is a Couples Detox Program for Addiction?

The process of eliminating drugs from your body after you’ve stopped using them is known as drug detoxification, or detox. Each person experiences symptoms differently, ranging from discomfort to danger and from mild to severe. Drug detox ensures that a patient is strong  to begin treatment to overcome their addiction. Your experience with couples detox will also depend on the drug you are detoxing from and how long you have been taking it.

Addiction to alcohol or drugs causes a person’s body to get used to these substances owing to their prolonged presence in the human body system. The brain must acclimatize to the abrupt decrease in these substances when they are gradually lowered and eliminated during detox. People usually go through a number of unpleasant symptoms called “withdrawal symptoms” as a result of this.

Making the decision to get treatment is the first step towards overcoming addiction. Remember that addiction is a disease because recovering from addiction entails going through the process of detoxification. The best course of action is to get help from couples detox near me, as withdrawal symptoms can be harmful if not managed properly.

Withdrawal Symptoms During Couples Detox

Drugs and alcohol both influence the chemistry of your brain. Consequently, quitting drugs has detrimental effects on your body and brain that are physical, emotional, and psychological.

The possible physical symptoms can include the following:

  • Shaking and trembling
  • Irregular heartbeat
  • Nausea, feeling queasy, or vomiting
  • Perspiration or Sweating
  • Loss of appetite

The possible emotional and mental symptoms can include the following:

  • Depression
  • Insomnia or lack of sleep
  • Hallucinations or Delusions
  • Fatigues
  • Mood swings
  • Unexplained fear
  • Suicidal thoughts
  • Confusion and Anxiety

Are you looking for an exceptional couples detox program near you? Give Couples Rehabs a call right now to get a customized couples rehab program that caters to your specific needs. 

Withdrawal Symptoms During a Couples Detox Couple Rehabs

Couples Detox Processes

Couples detox starts with determining which illicit substances are in the patients’ system and evaluating their mental state. After that, the patient is directed to the detoxification procedure, which can be performed with or without medicine. The final phase in detoxification is getting the patient ready for rehab treatment. Drug detox only deals with physical reliance and addiction; it does not address the psychosocial components of drug addiction. Furthermore, this stage includes getting the patient’s approval to complete the whole process by signing them up for drug rehab for couples.

Protocols for a Safe Detox

The initial move on the road to recovery is deciding to seek addiction treatment. The next step is the withdrawal process that can be extremely unpleasant and exhausting. The safest way to do this is to join a couples detox at a drug rehab in Las Vegas. At a couples rehab near you, medical professionals are on duty around-the-clock to provide you and your partner with high-quality care and support.

Since detoxification can be a highly challenging process that involves both physical and emotional discomfort, it is strongly encouraged to undergo inpatient detoxification. Emotions that a substance abuser has been suppressing for a long time usually come up. The skilled professionals at couples inpatient rehab are available to help with any concerns that might pop up during detoxification.

Medicated Detox

For some substance addiction disorders, medication may be necessary to manage cravings, reduce withdrawal symptoms, and preserve the patient’s mental health. At our best couples detox, we offer a medication-assisted detox program that uses a variety of medicines to help patients gradually overcome the physical signs and symptoms of addiction or 5 signs that show you need a drug rehab.

Drugs that Call For Medical Supervision To Safely Detox

You might believe that you can manage any symptoms associated with your drug detox. And you could be correct. But for your safety and wellbeing, there are some substances that are more dangerous to stop using abruptly, therefore you should have medical care during a couples detox program. Medications that need to be monitored closely while going through withdrawal include:

  • Prescription Opioids (OxyContin, Vicodin, Percocet) and Heroin
  • Amphetamines
  • Alcohol
  • Benzodiazepines (Benzos) such as Ativan, Valium, or Xanax
  • For reasons related to physical health, such as alcohol withdrawal, which can result in major side effects like seizures or hallucinations, medical care is advised when using these drugs.

In cases where the withdrawal symptoms from opioids and benzos are so severe that you are more likely to relapse due to the intense discomfort of stopping abruptly, there are better chances of recovery.

Get in touch with Couples Rehabs right away if substance abuse is causing you and your spouse to experience difficulties and is interfering with your daily lives. Couples Detox offers the most effective, individualized treatment plans that are made to fit your unique needs as a couple and as individuals.   

Benefits of a Couples Detox Program

Here are five substantial benefits that couples detox near you can provide:

Assistance with Medication 

At a couples detox, medical specialists may prescribe medications to help manage withdrawal symptoms, reduce cravings, and improve overall wellness during the detoxification process.

Medical Surveillance

Detoxing from drugs or alcohol can be a dangerous process that has to be monitored by a doctor. Withdrawal symptoms at a couples detox near me can range from mild to severe and even be fatal if proper treatment and supervision are not received.

Individual Counseling

Addiction to alcohol or other drugs can have negative effects on an individual’s physical and mental health. Treatment and counseling are provided during couples detox programs, which can assist address the underlying causes of addiction and help develop coping skills for triggers and cravings.

Nutritional Guidelines

It is critical that you have a healthy diet during detox to avoid developing new issues. Couples detox programs offer meal plans, dietary guidance, and nutritional counseling, all of which eventually support the process of recovery.

Friendly Environment 

Having a strong support system is essential to maintaining sobriety after recovery. Participants in drug or alcohol rehab programs for couples have the chance to build enduring bonds with peers and specialists.

Give your addiction no more power over you. For a brighter, more prosperous future, act right now and get in contact with our top experts at Couples Detox Near Me. With the aid of the compass of Couples Rehabs, you will discover your path to a clean and rejuvenated romantic life.

Why Should You Choose Couples Rehabs?

Every person receives a personalized addiction treatment plan at Couples Rehabs. In addition to receiving treatment with your partners, you will receive individual treatment to address the underlying causes of your addiction and provide you with the opportunity to fully recover and conquer it. With the use of FDA-approved medication, our rehab plans include a medical couples detox program that makes it simple for you and your loved one to recover from over withdrawal symptoms.

Withdrawal Symptoms During a Couples Detox Couple Rehabs

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can we bring our children to couples rehab?

Some facilities offer family housing for couples with children, while others don’t allow children on site. The policy varies from center to center.

Yes, rehab programs create customized plans based on assessments of each partner and relationship.

Counsellors will try their best to motivate them to stay. However, no one can be forced to stay.

Yes, the majority of rehab facilities offer aftercare support to their patients. This includes counselling, follow-ups and much more.

While couples get privacy and free time, it is limited. This keeps the individuals focused on recovery and safe from external distractions or triggers.